Contact Lens Examination

The Krishna Vision Clinic has a dedicated service for all contact lens wearers.

Before fitting, our fully qualified Optometrists will thoroughly discuss all the options available to suit your lifestyle and needs. Together with a detailed microscopic examination of the measurements of the front of your eye and its surface, checking for curvature and other factors that will affect how your lenses fit, and which contact lens options would best suit you.

Contact Lens Instruction

You will be further advised on;

  • Insertion and removal of lenses
  • Hygiene
  • Wearing times
  • Problems that can occur and what actions to take


Follow Up Appointments

After your contact lens fitting is complete, you’ll need to return for regular follow-up visits once a year, so that we can make sure your lenses continue to fit properly, that you’re seeing well and that your lenses are comfortable. In addition to this, we provide a thorough and extensive after care service based on patients on-going needs throughout the year.