Lens Types

Single Vision

Single vision lenses are made with a single prescription across surface of the lens. They can generally be used by young people for a range of visual tasks from distance to near.  For the older generation single vision lenses can be worn to improve either distance or near vision, not both at the same time.

To make life easier for you when choosing your glasses standard single vision lenses are now included with the price of all frames at Krishna Vision Optician.



Bifocals are glasses with two distinct optical zones normally with a seperating visible line. Bifocals are most commonly prescribed to people who require correction to both their near and far vision, located at the lower and upper portion of the lens respectively. Sometimes people feel that there is an intermediate distance which is not clear through the glasses due to the distinct separation.



Varifocal lenses also known as progressive addition lenses (PALs), are characterised by a gradient of changing prescription across the surface of the lenses allowing you to enjoy a more complete range of vision. These varifocal lens designs avoid the discontinuities (image-jumps) in the visual field created by bifocals and are therefore more cosmetically attractive.

There are many different designs in varifocal which vary in what benefits they provide, from a basic progressive lenses to bespoke lenses that use the most cutting edge free form technology. All our Advanced varifocal lenses are produced to the highest standards by either Seiko Optical or Shamir Optical.